Workshop Format

Individual Reads, Classroom Style
Now at AIA, (unless otherwise noted) you will:

    1) ALWAYS HAVE A READER (i.e. individual reads, no scene partner)
    2) Choose to either bring your own (approved) material to perform OR request the casting professionals give you sides to cold read
    3) Still be in a classroom style, so you can learn from watching other actors perform and the CDs feedback they give them!

You will either need to bring your own approved scene, or request to receive material from the casting professional. (Pre-approved scenes are available on,, or you can submit a scene you found somewhere else for approval by emailing You must submit a scene for approval at least 48 hours [excluding weekends] prior to a workshop you’re enrolled in to ensure you’re allowed to perform that scene. Scenes can be no more than 2-3 pages long, and only of the TV/Film medium. No theatre scenes or monologues allowed.)

At the Workshop
If you like to receive material from the casting professional, drop your headshot off at the sign-in table, then continue to sign-in. After receiving your material and leaving the room to prepare your performance, pick another enrolled actor in the workshop also cold reading (or the workshop producer) to be your reader.

If you've brought your own material, sign-in and then pick another enrolled actor in the workshop (or the workshop producer) to be your reader. (Please remember to bring a highlighted copy of your scene for your reader.)

Your performance and feedback from the casting professional will be recorded and uploaded to your Now Casting profile for future review via Playback NOW. Only you will have access to your Playback NOW recordings. The recordings are meant for educational purposes only.

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Enrolling in Workshops
To enroll in a workshop, please do so online by going to, clicking the workshop you’d like to enroll in on from the calendar, and following the steps after clicking the Enroll button. You will need to log into your AIA account. If you need your username and password, your can try to retrieve it by answering your Security Question, or calling AIA if that doesn’t work.

All actors MUST audition for AIA before enrolling in any workshop, class, event, etc. To schedule an audition, please call us at 818-563-4142. (If you have already auditioned, you do not need to re-audition.)

PLEASE BE EARLY! Being a few minutes early will ensure you finding a reader, receiving material from the casting professional (if you choose to), and entry to any workshop without difficulty. If you are late, you may not be admitted into the workshop, and will consequently forfeit any monies paid. (That is, unless there is a standby to take your place, in which case you’ll receive your credit back to your AIA accounts.)

If a workshop is full and you were on the waitlist but didn’t receive notification that there was an opening, there is still an opportunity to take a workshop as a standby actor. In which case, if an enrolled actor is not present by the scheduled start time of a workshop, you can take their place and be enrolled into it.

If you cannot make it to a workshop, you MUST notify AIA at least 48 hours (excluding weekends) before the scheduled start time of the workshop. If you do, you will receive credit back to your AIA account for use towards future workshops. No refunds to bank accounts or credit cards will be given. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you notify AIA less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time of a workshop, the only way for you to receive AIA credit back to your accounts is if another actor fills the spot which you left empty. If that happens, you will automatically receive the credit back your AIA account the following business day, and be notified via email by the end of the next business day. (Please do not call to see if you have received a credit back or not. You will know if you did if you receive an email and credit in your online AIA account. If you did not receive an email or credit, no one filled the spot you left empty, thus meaning you forfeit all monies paid.)

Educational Purposes Only
AIA workshops, classes, events, etc., are for educations purposes only. They are not an audition for employment, or for obtaining a talent agent or talent management.


Success Story

Ben Kliewer

AIA Premiere Member Ben Kliewer was called in by Beth Nelson after meeting her in a workshop!


Kendra P. - Casting Director

"Today was great. I met lots of talented actors that I didn't know."