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Want to jumpstart your career? Need help integrating your craft into the business? Looking for ways to network and practice your audition skills? AIA Actors Studio is the place for you!


As one of the oldest career development companies in town, AIA Actors Studio has successfully guided actors through the industry’s hurdles. With consultants trained to nurture your career, and a diverse array of classes and programs taught by working entertainment professionals, we provide you with the tools you need to get your career on track.

Also, all past & future iActing Studios Master Classes will be available to view online! Please visit www.iactingstudios.com to see hundreds of pre-recorded acting classes online from Top Hollywood Acting Teachers.

Past Celebrity Instructors

AIA’s roster of guests reflects the 20-year reputation that comes with being an industry leader.  We are proud to work with such distinguished instructors as…

Success Story

Elena Varela

AIA Premiere Member Elena Varela was called in for House, and BOOKED Criminal Minds after seeing each show's Casting Associate here. CONGRATS!!!

Success Story

Mark Cirillo

AIA Premiere Member Mark Cirillo was recently called in for Weeds, Apt. 23, and a feature film after meeting Melissa Messer, Joseph Wisniewski, and Jennifer Ricchiazzi here!